Anakbayan Chicago

Anakbayan Chicago is a Filipino youth and student organization fighting for genuine liberation and democracy in the Philippines

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10/07: Kapit Bisig Tour with Ka Bong


Support the
Philippine Human Rights Act (PHRA)

The PHRA calls on the U.S. to suspend military aid to the Philippines until state forces cease human rights violations and are held accountable. Our tax dollars go to increased militarization and the unjust murders of activists, teachers, and workers, when they should be going to our education, health care, and housing. Tell your reps to support the PHRA and endorse it yourself!

U.S. Troops Out of the Philippines Now!

We condemn the recent expansion of U.S. military presence in the Philippines as a result of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's Feb 1 visit with Bong Bong Marcos.U.S. military presence is the farthest thing from prosperity and peace for the Filipino people. We are still grieving the murder of Jennifer Laude and countless other incidents of violence committed by U.S. military forces. The poor and working class people of the Philippines and the Asia Pacific have nothing to gain from the trade wars and militaristic posturing between the U.S. and China. Genuine peace and prosperity in the Philippines and the Asian Pacific means the end of U.S. Intervention.Sign the petition below to send a message to your Congressional representatives. JUNK EDCA! Junk unequal military agreements! Fight for genuine sovereignty in the Philippines!

Call for Typhoon Relief Donations

On October 27, Severe Tropical Storm Paeng (Nalgae) flooded and triggered landslides throughout southern Mindanao including: Cotabato City, Maguindanao, Zamboanga, Marinduque, Negros Occidental, and Capiz.Kabataan Alliance is calling on all our member organizations, friends, and allies, and fellow Filipinos to join our relief efforts to support our kababayan.Since August our people have been hit by earthquakes, typhoons, and severe tropical storms non stop. Lives are continually impacted, by not just climate change but by the continued lack of preparedness, by the government. Just as in days of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) the Filipino people need your support in order not just get back on their feet but to also rehabilitate their lives and prepare for the continued climate disasters.

Justice for New Bataan 5!

We condemn the brutual murder and torture of the New Bataan 5 by the 10th Infantry Division (ID) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). We demand justice for Chad, Jerain, Elgyn, Robert, and Tirso! We demand an end to all attacks on the Lumad people and the Save Our Schools Network and commit ourselves to taking action and mobilizing our communities.

Anakbayan Chicago - Tagalog Class Fundraiser